Image showcasing the ambiance of River City Spirits events

Who we are

Elevate Your Events with what River

City Spirits and Unleash the Flavor of

Individuality! With 40 years of combined

industry experience our female-owned

business is your premier source for

exceptional mixology. We don't just mix

drinks; we create your brand's signature

libations that convey your unique story

and make your events stand out. We go

above and beyond your expectations,

adding a touch of sophistication and a

dash of excitement to your special


About us

Why us

River City Spirits offers an

elevated, chic bartending

experience with attentive,

personable, and professional

bartenders who know how to keep

the party going.

We take away the hassle of

organizing an astonishing bar by

supplying any alcohol as well as all

ingredients so that our clients can

relax and enjoy their event. Our

spectacular selection of

versatile cocktails with fresh bar

garnishes will elevate any event.

Image of a cocktail served by River City Spirits
Image showcasing the ambiance of River City Spirits events

What We Do

Expert Consultation: Craft a

budget-friendly beverage selection

tailored to your event.

Customization: Match your theme

with personalized bar setup and


Seamless Event: Stress-free

setup, professional bartenders, and

a worry-free day for you.

Unforgettable Memories: Impress

your guests with unforgettable